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Perl File Indexer is a tool which can index a specified set of files on the disk, a set which you can then search using incremental search. Once selected, the system default application is launched to open them. The ideea is that of Google Desktop search, or Yahoo Desktop search - however those are much more complicated - scanning through all the email, the web pages history, and so on. This tool is simpler, it just indexes the given file names.

Click here to download. GPL licence applies.

Screen shots

Search Window
Search Window

Configuration Window
Configuration window


  • Fast search.
  • Indexes all hard drives.
  • The highlited item in the list is launched automatically whenever you press Enter in the search box.
  • You can move the selection up and down while still typing text in the search box and press enter on the desired file to launch it.
  • Limits the number of displayed files to 50, for faster GUI response.
  • Selects based on the file extensions (*.pdf or *.doc or others). The list is editable from the Configuration window.
Observations: You also need Win32 and Win32::API for Active Perl. Please use ppm.exe to install the required ones. The Win32::GUI::Loft and Win32::GUI::AdHoc are needed and they are found in the Loft GUI binaries zip from the link above.



There are two files for each release.
  • One with installer ~710Kb (comes with all the required packages; tries to uninstall older packages and may fail to do that)
  • Without installer ~18Kb (you need to install all the required packages by hand)
You can download them from here:

Change Log

1.42 (May 14, 2006)
* Application now remembers its position and size on the desktop.
* Installer will not overwrite previous configuration file.
1.41 (April 3, 2006)
* Added C:\ as the default Include directory after install.
* Added a warning if the database is not found (the user is asked to do a Configure/Reindex)
* Now it can search for foo*bar and find the files named with foo[anything]bar inside them.
* Added Include/Exclude directories rules instead of scanning all hard drives.
* Searching for the path separator `\` does now work (caused invalid regexp).
* Pressing Enter on an empty selection no longer triggers a display of the application directory.
* Added a warning when a fresh rebuilt index is not saved but the window is dismissed.
* Version is now displayed in the title bar of the main window.
* Up/Down now are now handled on the KeyDown event, which makes scrolling very smooth when going up and down the results list using the keyboard.
* fixed a bug that caused searches for files with spaces in their names to fail.
* made the main window resizable.
* initial release.


There is no FAQ page for now, I have received no questions yet :)

Still to do

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